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Simply the best.!
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Welcome to Totally Drivers Club [TDC] , Forum !

Simply the best.!
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Simply the best.!
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 How to join FOTL

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Fiat Palio
Fiat Palio

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How to join FOTL Empty
PostSubject: How to join FOTL   How to join FOTL EmptyWed Dec 09, 2015 4:18 am

Join requests are always accepteable. If you think you meet the requirements below, feel free to post an application HERE by filling our form.

The communication is one of the most important parts in this game so you should be able to speak English well enough to be able to deal with difficult situations. So if you are using translator to write a simple comment, posting an application would be a waste of time. We expect you to be useful and active in our forum and server. While being in FOTL, you are representing us, which means you have to be responsible.

Make sure you've included your nickname in the title.
Where do you want to join: You should select one of our teams: DM, Red, Shooter
Nickname: Fabian
Something about you:  Here you should write some phrases about yourself in more or less normal english. Write who are you, where do you live, what are you studying/working on, what do you like to play, to do in free time, what are your goals in real life and in mta, anything which would be interesting to read.
Skype or icq: arthur90 or 377366277
Your MTA experience: I started to play MTA on RED server in 2007, Aston@DB9 invited me in  clan. Though I left it in january 2008 to join FOTL. I was probably not very noticeable player all the time, and I was not really into MTA in 2009, but came back in june 2010, became an admin and scripter, learned Lua. Nothing really changed since 2010, so I am still here. I should write all steps of your "mta career" here, but I had only two, unlike most current players.
Your inspiration of choosing FOTL: Tell us the main reasons why do you want to become one of us.

Here are the lines you should copy from the given format above, then fill them yourself.
[b]What team do you want to join in:[/b]
[b]Something about you:[/b]
[b]Skype or icq:[/b]
[b]Your MTA experience:[/b]
[b]Your inspiration of choosing FOTL[/b]

Have patience waiting for our response It will not happen in the same day as you've posted.
If you post something irrelevant in an application your comment will be deleted. (Wishing good luck or posting yes/no are decent examples.) In addition to that, you will receive a negative karma from me.

If you have questions, you can write me about.

Current trial members:
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How to join FOTL
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